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February 7, 2023—Albuquerque, NM—EAGL Technology, Inc. deploys a new gunshot detection platform at Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, as part of the hospital’s overall safety strategy. More than 400 EAGL Talon and DragonFly sensors link across the hospital’s multiple locations with the ability to pinpoint the exact location of gunshots almost instantly and alert public safety within seconds, allowing a quicker response.

Chris Grollnek: We made schools safer from fires, why not from guns?


Did you hear about all those kids who died in that big school fire last week? No? That’s because it didn’t happen. In fact, a school fire that has killed 10 or more children hasn’t happened in about 65 years. But of course you’ve heard about all the recent school shootings where so many children […]

Learning about Gunshot Detection Systems | A unique opportunity for school leaders


The 3rd Annual School Safety Summit is a unique opportunity for school leaders, counselors, teachers, school nurses, school resource officers, social workers, and campus and district-level Behavioral Threat Assessment team members to gather and hear from various professional disciplines committed to building safe and healthy school communities.

Exploring Gunshot Detection Devices with Spokane, Washington Police


Other gunshot detection devices on the market rely on microphones, raising privacy concerns. But, EAGL Technologies says their system is different. “This version that we’re looking at actually uses energy and it detects the energy emitted by a gunshot, and so all those privacy concerns folks might have, those kind of go out the window,” Cathcart said. “The biggest problem and the reason why it’s not installed yet is that it’s very costly.”

Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022

active shooter-1

This bill requires a designated officer of the Department of Justice to act as the national coordinator of an Active Shooter Alert Communications Network regarding an emergency involving an active shooter.

EAGL Partners with Washington State Learning Source


EAGL is now available on the Washington State Learning Source through iT1. iT1 works with the Washington Learning Source contract to provide a wide range of offerings to meet the unique needs of each K-12 school safety.