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Security for Critical Infrastructure EAGL Technology

no matter the location keep it protected.

integrated system
Remote site(s) can benefit by adding multi-tiered security layers when using EAGL Response Integration equipment. This assists with mitigation of site compromising events while enhancing operation security.

EAGL Response Integration patented technology is used by both indoor and outdoor sensors which capture and analyze gunshot event energy levels, validate actual threats, and automatically initiate system Adaptive Responses to counter the threat.

When EAGL sensors capture gunshot data, each alarming sensor associated camera automatically transmits livestream events viewable on the EAGL Graphical User Interface (GUI). This real-time information is extremely important to Responders.
The EAGL Response Integration system can transmit remote alarm data to improve alarm event situational awareness.

Get alerts how you need them most.

customizable notification settings
Alarm event notifications are available via phone call, MMS text, and email. Additionally, the EAGL Response Integration allows interface with third-party mass notification and PA systems.
EAGL Technology Rapid Response and security notifications anywhere