EAGL Vape Detector

Smoke & Vapor Sensor for Indoor Environments

EAGL-Technology-Vape Sensor

“Clear The Air, Clear Their Minds”

Safety encompasses the welfare of everyone, and not just during a critical emergency. EAGL Technology recognizes this and is continuing to add layers of technology to respond to every situation. EAGL’s new Vape Sensor allows for the detection and notification of vaping and smoke, (such as from cigarettes or marijuana), and can be installed above or below the ceiling for an openly viewable deterrent or for discreet detection. Notifications are easily remotely configurable, via browser, using EAGL’s patented Adaptive Response, allowing for customizable notifications via text, email, and/or voice calls and can include our near instantaneous automation to trigger map-based location details, camera pop-up, and many other features and functions.


A detector for monitoring indoor air quality and capable of sensing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), equivalent carbon dioxide (eC02), and suspended particulate matter (PMlO).


The EAGL Vape Detector continuously routes area air samples over internal components comprised of multiple metal-oxide (MOX) sensor elements. Another internal component uses light scattering and measurement techniques to detect and measure particulates associated with conventional tobacco use and vaping products.

Detector components have these indoor air sampling sensor ranges: eC02 – 400 to 60,000 ppm, PMlO – Oto 60,000 ppb.

Each detection event becomes reportable to initiate mitigative response. Event reportability is performed via direct network connection to the EAGL server via Power-over-ethernet (POE) CAT 5 – 6e cabling or loT configuration.


We have a dedicated support team available to show you how our system works. A quick 15 minute online presentation will show you WHY EAGL Technology is the gunshot detection system of choice by cities across the US, schools, and our corporate partners.