No kid deserves to fear for their life.


Seconds save lives.

respond quickly to any situation

Configured EAGL Adaptive Response actions occur almost instantaneously during threat situations which can vastly increase positive outcomes.

Ensure a path to safety

EAGL integrations with third-party access control systems can allow separation between the “Innocent(s)” and the “Perpetrator(s)” during threat situations by limiting access.

Existing system integration

Seamless integrations with systems using RESTful API are possible! The gunshot detection module provides a scalable option to complete most site security plans.

Automated notifications
to police + First responders

The EAGL System can notify law enforcement within seconds of a threat incident via e-911, text, email, or VoIP call.

EAGL Technology - Emergency Plan@4x

Have a Plan for every emergency

individualized response plans

Each deployment can have customized “Adaptive Response” configurations that address each site’s unique needs, requirements, and contingency situations.

Responding at the speed of sound

Gunshot detection
Gunshot analysis is quick, within seconds of occurring! Automatic alarm notifications and integrated controlled access actions are performed immediately after analysis.