Economical Subscription Services – A Perfect Fit for Small Businesses and Organizations

EAGL Technology, Inc., recognizes a need to offer economical security protection for small businesses and venues having small public areas or limited security budgets. To that end, EAGL Technology offers a subscription service to cloud-hosted systems providing a similar level of gunshot detection found in larger facility system installs.

The heart of the EAGL System is the sensor technology. Both indoor and outdoor sensor varieties are self-contained & designed specifically for their deployed operating environment. Each sensor communicates wireless yet securely to a system gateway. This feature allows flexible economy for sensor deployment planning AND installation. Local network access is not required as a cellular communication option between gateway and cloud server is available. The gateway, a stateless device, operates as a dedicated secure interface between sensors and server.

EAGL Cloud Services are a perfect fit for faith-based organizations, small retail venues, small businesses, and community-based centers. Contact EAGL Technology, Inc. today to find out how affordable it is to add gunshot detection and emergency management to your business, organization, or house of worship.

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Learn how affordable and simple it is to add Gunshot Detection to your small business / organization and attend a live virtual demonstration of the system!