EAGL Technology Security System for Municipalities

Give your people a fighting chance.

Looking out for you. especially when you canʼt.

respond quickly to any situation

Using EAGL System assets, flexible Adaptive Response configurations, and emergency management functions with existing third-party system integrations and building the foundation of a complete security package.

Infrastructure Security EAGL Technology
EAGL Technologies - sensors that protect not record 2

Sensors that protect, not record.

no hot mics or recordings

Privacy matters! EAGL Sensors are designed to capture and analyze event characteristics only, they DO NOT record conversations.

CCTV Integration For EAGL Technology@4x-100


When integrated with site video cameras, the EAGL System displays threats during active event(s). Responders can use this information to neutralize the threat expeditiously.


Additionally, EAGL Response Integration with third-party AI equipment allows Adaptive Response configurations for visual weapon detection capabilities. This can prevent incident escalation.

License plate recognition

An example of how functionality modules could be integrated into tools for law enforcement use.
First Responders Choice EAGL Technology-100

equipping responders with exact locations.

Accurate location mapping

Allows crucial information for Responders to locate and counter the threat quickly and effectively while minimizing potential for harm to themselves and nearby Innocents.