November 8-10, 2022

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The next EAGL Integrator Certification class, at this time there is no time and date set. The EAGL headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Limited seating is available.

The EAGL Integrator Certification class is intended for integrators involved with the selling and installation of the EAGL System product line (except CityWeb) and required by EAGL Technology, Inc.

Certification concentrates on all EAGL system component / hardware aspects with an in-depth emphasis on software configuration. The course begins first by introducing certifying learners with EAGL system component familiarization and then proceeds with EAGL system equipment / software “hands-on training” as learners will configure and test their provided servers and sensors. Testing consists of a written exam having multiple-choice answers and a proficiency exam where certifying learners shall demonstrate their system configuration skills. Both tests are normally conducted on the second class day. The third class day is an optional half-day devoted to a Design – Best Practices module. Although not required for integrator certification, this course module is highly recommended for those who will be involved with EAGL system project estimation which typically includes deployment design.

If you are an integrator wishing to be considered for the EAGL Dealer program and certification class, please contact us at 1-877-566-1700.

EAGL Technology, Inc. follows the NMDOH COVID-19 requirements and guidelines.

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August 01, 2021

EAGL Technology, Inc. is in compliance with New Mexico COVID-19 SAFE Practices

The steps to keep New Mexicans healthy, but only if individuals and businesses actually follow them. Voluntary adoption of COVID-19 safe practices will be key. Most businesses owners understand the need to keep their customers and employees safe and are already taking necessary steps. In that spirit, the State of New Mexico is partnering with local governments to educate their citizens on safe practices and to help ensure that they are put to use. Complaints about violations of the required COVID-19 safe practices or the ban on mass gatherings can be made to your local police or sheriff’s department. Additional Information can also be found at